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From :- Samir
Dear Sir,

Happy birthday and wish you a healthy and happy track ahead. I saw your website recently and amazed with updates and newer look.



From :- Ananda

Sai Ram Pankaj,
Service to man is service to GOD. You are doing it with your fantastic website.

Warmest regards,
yours always

From :- Mandakini

Thank you for the article upload. The feedback part was missing in the mail. But as a result got an opportunity to visit your website again. Extremely comprehensive and very interactive. Easy to navigate and contains a wealth of information. Great once again.


From :- Ambuja 

Dear Dr. Pankaj Desai,

I am Dr. Ambuja from Hyderabad. How are you doing?

Congratulations for the wonderful website informative and articles in it.

Best wishes

From :- Ambuja  Amol Tilve,  Goa


I have been regularly visiting your site and find it very useful to keep updated with recent developments. Thanks a lot for such wonderful site --

From : - Milind Wadekar

Respected Sir,

First of all, I would like to compliment you on making such a comprehensive website... and I am not exaggerating when I say that your website is my favourite for gynecology and obstetrics. Even the articles on humor are fantastic. There is something in this website that I relate to and I also use it as a reference for my studies. Also, getting a reply to one's questions so quick, makes it a very personal one. Thank you very much for adding me to your mailing list.

Milind Wadekar

From : - Dr. Dhir

Dear Dr. Pankaj Desai,
I have started going to your website like visiting to a porn site by today's youngsters. Donkey by Dr Naren Malhotra and lunch with god touched me like endosmosis. I was turgid, soaked and full of own sense. Thanks a lot to your site and your insight, hope it will ignite the twilights of lamps of so many like me.
With best wishes,
Dr. Dhir

From : - Radhika Arora

Hello sir,

My words can’t explain the fact, how much we viewers of your home page are benefited with one and all information, u have been dissipating through your web site. It’s really great to go thru everything getting knowledge, fun, encouragement, pleasure above all self confidence to get on, in this world of emotions. I can write much more just to praise you, sir but i just can thank you for the patient reading & replying.........
With regards,
Radhika Arora

From : - Saroj Srivastava

Dear Dr Pankaj,

FOGSI has every reason to be proud of its President. It is not important that You are gifted with excellence but what is important is that you share this excellence with your co-members for which we are thankful to you.
Creation of such simple, meaningful, practical and thought provoking web-site for us is a fascinating mixture of art and science. Looking at your performance one wonders how much can be done in a short period of one year.
Wishing you and your family cum friends a very 'HAPPY DIWALI'
Saroj Srivastava

From : -Ragasudha,  Secretary: OGS Visakhapatnam

Respected Sir,
Thank you for sending very useful information.
Secretary: OGS Visakhapatnam

From :- Shyam Shrivastav

Dear Sir,
Thanks for adding more articles in the get inspired section of your site. Few of the experiences of the personalities are the real gems to decorate a person's life if brought into practice by the readers. I have also forwarded the link to few of my good friends.
Sincere regards,

From :- Dr Savita Agarwal

Dear Dr,

I am very much impressed with your website. It is very informative &I seeit very regularly.Even my daughter who is U.G.likes your write up very much. Really you have done a tremendous job.

My heartiest congratulation &thanks to you,


From :- Dr Prakash Bhatt

On behalf of Obst. Community of India let me convey a big Thanks
Dr Prakash Bhatt
Vice President - FOGSI
Varachchha Road,
SURAT– 395 006,
Gujarat, INDIA.

From :- Evita

Thanks Pankaj and congrats for the great idea. Using technology to its best limits. Good luck with this venture. Evita

From :- Sudhir 

Dear Pankaj, Your web site is excellent and managed nicely at the moment and hope standard will improve as time goes. If you remember I had suggested to start same way a professional gynec website for all and it was the need and still it can be done in future once people are used to use it freely, sudhir

From :- Dr.H. P. Pattanaik

Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for the great idea of Free Web Site.Every body will be
benefited from it.
With Regards
Dr.H. P. Pattanaik

From :- DR Nimish R. Shelat

Dear Pankaj,
I went through all the nooks and corners of your excellent website and my
heartiest compliments to you. I greatly appreciate rare information that has
academic value and clinical application and your website can clearly satisfy this quality. One subject I would like you to delve upon is the rampant use of letrozole in ovulation induction, despite complete legal ban by the FDA. Some studies has shown it to be teratogenic.

Best wishes, See You at Jallandhar<
DR Nimish R. Shelat


Dear Pankaj,
I meant to have written to you 'this' long time ago -
The philosophy that you have quoted right at the start of
your Web site is the most inspiring one and I believe very strongly in it.
It is perhaps the strongest stimulant of human mind.
I congratulate you for serving it far & wide.

Best wishes.

From :- Sameer Raniga


I visited your site. Almost the entire website, at a glance.

It's very good. Almost covered everything.

One thing is missing. When people will read so many great things about you in a site, they will like to know something more about you. Your schooling, MBBS and MD days, your personal achievements, the awards  you received, various academic bodies you head and so
many more….

Another thing which is missing is the philosophical aspect of you. You can put more spiritual and philosophical quotes and stories or at least  hyperlink, the people who inspires you, the force behind your huge achievements…

Everyone cannot be Nachiket. Though few are destined to be Nachiket (As you told me once), someone is behind them. I knew most of your academic achievement,  I just wanted who Dr. Pankaj Desai is and from where the constant source of energy to remain Dr. Pankaj
Desai is coming. Though, this is a site to project your academic achievements (I presumed so), people who wants to follow you and your ideology (like me!), will be little disappointed.

It's a privilege to write our views and it shows your greatness to ask us to write our views about a site which is unique and very interesting. Only sometimes,  you find a website where you want to open every hyperlink that appears on the screen. This is one of them. Some novels are known as "page turners"; your website is so interesting it is like "mouse turner"-
you just cannot resist pressing your mouse on every hyperlink that beeps on the screen.


From:- Ganesh Desai

Your website is very good. Very neat & presentable.

Also the inspirational messages too are very good.

Keep it going!

From :- Shailesh Kamat


Wonderful exercise. a masterstroke from the master  himself. would like to have a section devoted to question-answers for students of yours like me and also open forum for interesting and difficult case discussions.

From:- Shweta Joshi


I am really  happy and proud that you have your own website now.Sir we always look upto you, and everytime you do somethng new it inspires us to do more.


From :-  Kiran Kurtkoti, Pune



Your website is absolutely STUNNING. Hats off to this site. Probably you are the first FOGSI Pres. ( future) to have such a website.


Few suggestions:

1. Kindly include -What after PG ? This includes opportunities abroad( FOGSI Academic exchange committee???), business strategies , group practice advantages & concept ( ?? Mayflower hospital, Ahmadabad) etc.


2. Since you are a teacher - Notes in Ob. Gyn. on all topics + freq. asked questions in ob. gyn. vivas



From:- Dr. Dilip Walke

I must say it is a fantastic website and personally i will benefit by surfing it.


From: Dr.Dpankar  Banerji (www.idealfertility.com)
Looks very interesting and full of inspirations for youngsters. You look very smart.


From: Dr. M. R. Upadhyay


Saw your website. Simply EXCELLENT!!!  My hearty congratulations for what you have achieved in your life. Hope to see more from you. My best wishes are always with you.


From: Mandakini Parihar


Interesting and good

The quotes are great


From :- Haresh Doshi


Great Website